About Finanta
making the Philadelphia region a hub for economic development since 1996
FINANTA, short for for FINANcing and Technical Assistance, is a mission-driven nonprofit community development financial institution facilitating access to capital and credit building services to consumers, entrepreneurs, and first-time homebuyers in the Philadelphia region.  FINANTA offers a wide range of products and services, including business loans, credit building microloans, entrepreneurial training, financial education, and mortgage counseling and loans.  As a community development financial institution, FINANTA supports affordable homeownership, business expansion, community and residential development, and consumer borrowing.   Since inception, FINANTA has distinguished itself in the region’s lending sector by delivering services in a manner that is uniquely aware of the cultural, social, and language challenges immigrants, minorities and other populations face. 
                  Products and Services

For Entrepreneurs

 FINANTA offers a wide variety of programs, loan products, and services to entrepreneurs and small business owners.


For Homebuyers

FINANTA has financial products and services designed to meet homebuyers’ specific needs, including residential mortgages, down payment assistance loans, and mortgage counseling.

For Consumers

FINANTA offers a number of programs, loan products, and services for consumers with diverse financial goals, such as credit building, debt payment, and savings.