FINANTA is a nonprofit lending institution facilitating access to capital and consultation services for consumers, entrepreneurs, and first-time homebuyers in the Philadelphia region.



FINANTA aims to promote the growth and economic expansion of diverse communities through the infusion of capital and the provision of business, consumer, and homebuyer consultation services, in a manner that is uniquely aware of the cultural, social, and language challenges  immigrant and minority populations encounter. 



In the mid-1990s, a group of community leaders and entrepreneurs in Lower Kensington, gathered to address a growing concern – a demand for business financing unmet by local banking.  In 1996, FINANTA was founded. Offering bilingual services and strongly rooted in the community, it made its first loan to a local recycling company.


Since then, FINANTA has distinguished itself by delivering services in a way that is sensitive to the cultural, social, and language challenges some of its clients encounter. This approach is unique and allows FINANTA to help more socioeconomically challenged individuals and families achieve financial self-sufficiency and stability.

The FINANTA Center at 1301 N. 2nd Street opened in 2009 as a hub for local economic development, business networking, and professional services, offering affordable office space-for-lease to entrepreneurs and nonprofits, and acting as a business incubator for the local community and the Philadelphia region.

FINANTA has contributed to over 23+ years of affordable homeownership, community and residential development, consumer borrowing, and entrepreneurial expansion.  Over the years, FINANTA’s loan portfolio has come to reflect the diversity of the contemporary Philadelphia region – from immigrant, family-run micro-enterprises, to real-estate developers and cutting-edge designers, and nonprofits.

Service Area

FINANTA serves 11 counties in the region:  Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, Camden, in New Jersey and Kent, New Caste, and Sussex in Delaware.

FINANTA delivers products and services to these areas in collaboration with local organizations seeking to facilitate access to capital and credit building services in their communities.