Technical Assistance

FINANTA offers comprehensive technical assistance support services to its consumer, entrepreneur, and first-time homebuyer borrowers.  FINANTA’s TA services address each client’s individual needs.



Technical Assistance (“TA”) is offered to all FINANTA borrowers and includes access to business and personal financial resources, managing personal and business budgets, and resolving credit and financial issues. 

A key component of FINANTA TA is the Financial Action Plan, which outlines a client’s current financial situation, business and personal budgets, credit score changes, and an approach for credit expansion.  Borrowers are given crucial lessons on, and insight into, the importance and impact of credit, what credit means in the short- and long-term, and how past behaviors or issues may have created challenges to financial success, along with specific strategies for creating change. 


“FINANTA has been there for us 100%. Our lender has been so helpful, and the technical assistance has been essential every step of the way.”

Santiago and Margarita
Lechonera Principe

Technical Assistance Options

For Entrepreneurs


Includes business budgeting and coaching, credit building serviceshelp applying for resources, and resource referrals

For Consumers





Includes personal budgeting and financial coaching, credit building, debt remediation, help navigating financial institutions, and resource referrals

For Homebuyers


Includes financial coaching, help saving money, mortgage counseling and budgeting, home buying training, and resource referrals