BMR Insurance Stepen Banks and WIlma Magee ReevesWilma Magee-Reeves has been a FINANTA client since 2013 when she joined Southwest Philadelphia’s second PRECAPS group. She is the owner of Shepard’s Little Lambs Day Center in Southwest Philadelphia. She is an active participant in FINANTA’s PRECAPS program. Magee-Reeves took her years of business experience and the business tools she learned through PRECAPS technical assistance and workshops and started a new business venture for her and her family.  

Earlier in 2017, Magee-Reeves opened BMR Insurance Agency, LLC in partnership with her son, Stephen Banks. She worked for many years in the insurance industry before opening a day care in Southwest Philadelphia. The insurance industry was calling to her once again. She worked in a variety of management roles in the industry and both her son and daughter had insurance experience. “I saw this as a way to work with my family in business,” said Magee-Reeves, “by opening our own agency to serve the local community.”

BMR Insurance Agency, LLC


Magee-Reeves said that her insurance agency offers life, home, auto and commercial insurances, as well as Notary services. Her business philosophy is to be proactive with clients, and educate them about insurance options. She said it is, “advantageous to work with a ‘wise buyer’ who is educated on what insurance products they need”. Magee-Reeves indicated they are connecting with other community organizations to help better educate them on the fundamentals of insurance.

BMR Insurance Agency, LLC is located at 6800 Regent Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The telephone number for the agency is 215.791.7046 and email address