For Homebuyers

FINANTA offers a number of products and services for homebuyers at every stage of the home-buying process.


Residential Mortgages

Our residential mortgages target first-time homebuyers and include one-on-one mortgage and credit counseling in preparation to buy a home.  Our mortgage lenders and counselors support homebuyers through the entire process.


FINANTA participates in Project Reinvest, a down payment assistance loan program by NeighborWorks designed to advance economic recovery in local communities most impacted by the housing crisis. The Program serves low- to moderate-income first-time homebuyers in the City of Philadelphia.  

Kensington Lending Partnership (“KLP”)



KLP has as a purpose revitalizing the Kensington Avenue Commercial Corridor community by increasing small business, mixed-use real estate, and affordable housing development, including rent and homeownership.  KLP is funded by a grant from JPMorgan Chase.  

Our role is to facilitate access to affordable mortgage products to renovate and acquire properties for first-time homebuyers in the KLP community.



Homebuyer Technical Assistance

We help homebuyers succeed at securing their first mortgage through comprehensive mortgage counseling.  Our lenders and counselors offer support services such as credit building, mortgage loan packaging, preparing to and borrowing, and referrals to other available resources.




Bienvenida Jimenez

“FINANTA made the home-buying process so manageable.  I have a home for my family thanks to them”.

Basma Awawdeh

“When my local bank was unable to provide me with a mortgage, FINANTA made it work for me.  I am now a proud homeowner”.

Daphne Ramos

“Having support from the beginning made purchasing my home possible.  If I can do it, anyone can with FINANTA’s help”.