For Entrepreneurs

FINANTA offers a wide range of products and technical assistance services for entrepreneurs and small business owners at every development stage and for various purposes.

Affinity Group Lending


Our Affinity Group Lending Program provides participants with access to training in best business practices, credit building, preparation to borrow, and loans to group members with similar entrepreneurial and financial needs.  This Program is tailored to the needs of those establishing or incrementing credit, learning about best entrepreneurial and financial practices, and borrowing for business purposes.


Business Loans

Our business loans and lines of credit offer fair, flexible, and transparent terms and can be used for a wide variety of business needs.  Loan products range from $1,200 to $250,000.  Our lenders work directly with borrowers to help them determine what loan option best suit their needs and financial objectives. 

Business Technical Assistance

We aim at helping entrepreneurs succeed in business and life through comprehensive technical assistance support.  Our lenders and technical assistance providers offer clients training on best business and financial practices, budgeting, bookkeeping, balancing business and family life, credit building, and referrals to other resources.


Silvia Paulino, Silvia’s Bakery

“Loans alongside technical assistance from FINANTA has helped me develop and expand my business greatly.  With the help of FINANTA, I am expanding my bakery and pastry shop.”

Steve & Thao Harner, Bridgeset Sound

“When we opened our store on South Street, we needed capital, but were too small for a bank.  We went to FINANTA and were provided the capital and technical assistance we needed to increase inventory and hire employees.”

Joan Veratti, PollyOdd

“When no bank would approve us for a loan to expand our business, we went to FINANTA. Two weeks later we were approved for a loan. They were the only ones who would support our vision.”