FINANTA’s donors make the difference by supporting critical financial consulting and lending programs for the consumers, entrepreneurs,  and homebuyers we so diligently serve.


FINANTA Offers Inclusive, Innovative Programs

FINANTA’s Affinity Group Lending Program is based on an informal financial practice known around the world as Roscas, Sociedades, Susus, Tandas, or lending circles.  FINANTA makes this practice formal and molds it to the specific needs of consumers, entrepreneurs, or first-time homebuyers.  Since 2011, FINANTA has invested $6.5+ million in 100 affinity groups, totalling 1,450+ loans advanced over 153 borrowing cycles.  FINANTA’s innovative program is offered alongside multilingual services in Cambodian, English, French, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, and Spanish.

FINANTA Empowers Financially Underserved Groups

FINANTA’s clients are 95% low- to moderate-income, 91% minority, 62% immigrant, and 49% women facing capital access challenges, which may include insufficient credit history, systemic financial exclusion, or limited-English proficiency.

FINANTA Has A Positive Impact On The Community

FINANTA promotes the economic and social well-being of diverse communities by stimulating consumer, entrepreneurial and homeownership investment. Todate, our investment in first-time homeownership has totalled $10.5 million, facilitating the rehabilitation of hundreds of residential units, and enabling 410 families to become homeowners.  Our investment in entrepreneurial development and expansion has totalled $52+ million, generating 1,800 loans and spurring the asset growth of financially underserved micro and small businesses.And, our $461,000+ investment in credit building for first-time consumer borrowers has generated 244+ loans over the last several years.