BMR Insurance Stepen Banks and WIlma Magee ReevesWilma Magee-Reeves has been a FINANTA client since 2013 when she joined Southwest Philadelphia’s second PRECAPS group. She is the owner of Shepard’s Little Lambs Day Center in Southwest Philadelphia. She is an active participant in FINANTA’s PRECAPS program. Magee-Reeves took her years of business experience and the business tools she learned through PRECAPS technical assistance and workshops and started a new business venture for her and her family.  

Earlier in 2017, Magee-Reeves opened BMR Insurance Agency, LLC in partnership with her son, Stephen Banks. She worked for many years in the insurance industry before opening a day care in Southwest Philadelphia. The insurance industry was calling to her once again. She worked in a variety of management roles in the industry and both her son and daughter had insurance experience. “I saw this as a way to work with my family in business,” said Magee-Reeves, “by opening our own agency to serve the local community.”

BMR Insurance Agency, LLC


Magee-Reeves said that her insurance agency offers life, home, auto and commercial insurances, as well as Notary services. Her business philosophy is to be proactive with clients, and educate them about insurance options. She said it is, “advantageous to work with a ‘wise buyer’ who is educated on what insurance products they need”. Magee-Reeves indicated they are connecting with other community organizations to help better educate them on the fundamentals of insurance.

BMR Insurance Agency, LLC is located at 6800 Regent Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The telephone number for the agency is 215.791.7046 and email address 

Notice: FINANTA is hiring for an AVP of Marketing. 

To apply, submit your cover letter and resume to

Job Description:
Reporting to the VP Development, you will lead the organization’s marketing and communication initiatives; will compose, edit, and manage the production of a full range of marketing materials to effectively support the goals of FINANTA and to convey its mission to diverse constituencies; and plan and coordinate events. You will manage all social media and advertising, and be website administrator.   Additional responsibilities will also include measuring, tracking and reporting on marketing impact.


  • Draft communications materials for all development initiatives. In this capacity, this person will collaborate with the President, VP of Development and other staff members to create communication and presentation materials to ensure the efficient pursuit of marketing, communications and customer base growth.
  • Prepares reports and other communication documents on two levels: (1) copy editing (employing skills that assure consistency and accuracy within a document regarding grammar, punctuation, syntax, and acceptable style); and (2) substantive editing, requiring critical sense and intuitive evaluation of factual accuracy and consistency of information – chronology of events, overall consistency of subject matter, verification of facts, rearrangement or deletion of material, analysis of data, and evaluation of documentation as to accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Plan and coordinate all organization events, including anniversaries, client showcase, and fundraisers. 
  • Document marketing strategies, plans, and objectives and maintain a marketing calendar.
  • Work directly with teammates to produce creative and compelling designs for websites, email templates, infographics, videos, banner ads, brochures, sales sheets, newsletters, trade show assets and more in a timely fashion, while maintaining the core creative standards.
  • Help bring new ideas for design and content creation to the team using your expertise and eye for great design.
  • Experience with and passion for B2B social media including the delivery of content via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube and other delivery tools
  • Management of all Social Media and Marketing Initiatives, including newsletters, website updates, and google AdWords account.

Knowledge Required:

  • Extensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of oral and written communications and interpersonal relationship skills, in order to determine the most effective proposal and presentation materials.
  • Professional level skills in design templates, graphics, and desktop publishing for graphic design and print production.
  • Professional skills in writing for a variety of audiences, including news and feature articles.
  • Ability to write/edit in a variety of writing styles and draft materials on a wide range of topics.
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills.
  • Ability to translate complex technical language and ideas into language easily comprehensible to the different organization constituencies.
  • Interpersonal skills to facilitate work with a wide range of individuals and groups from culturally diverse communities.
  • Experience in conducting research projects and documenting findings. Skill in interviewing a variety of people and gathering and synthesizing information from many sources.
  • Ability to use a variety of computer software applications, including desktop publishing.
  • Ability to utilize and leverage social network technologies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others to expand the mission, and obtain support and resources for the organization.
  • Ability to reach audiences necessary for partnering and expanding the organization client base.
  • WordPress proficient.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, graphic design, visual communications or related field
  • Minimum 2+ years’ professional marketing, graphic design, and event planning experience
  • Expertise in design software, including Adobe Creative Suite including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and After Effects, as well as proficiency in MS Office – PC platform.

Physical Demands:
The work requires you 
to be flexible regarding daily and extracurricular activities. Some travel may be required to represent the organization at meetings, conferences, and seminars. Tight deadlines must be met with limited staff to support projects.

Work Experience:
Compatible college degree and experience are required. This person will need to demonstrate her/his capacity by providing work samples, including print collateral, press releases, proposals, presentations, letter templates, communication strategies, marketing plans, and market penetration strategies; as well as, by providing acceptable references. 

Competitive Salary and Job Benefits.

On November 10th, FINANTA is honoring our partners The Merchants Fund for their dedication to providing deserving small business owner’s financial grants in Philadelphia. FINANTA has collaborated with TMF to approve 26 clients for grants, totaling more than $246,000.

FINANTA is able to help non-English speaking and writing entrepreneurs and other small business clients access the grants TMF provides. TMF works with FINANTA lenders to get a full picture of potential grantees businesses. Because of this collaboration, more than 60% of FINANTA applications have been approved for a grant since 2014! 



Meet Dr. Hill-Bennett: 


“Running my own office was something I knew I wanted to do as soon as I set foot in optometry school. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Dr. Hill-bennet started as a mobile care optometrist after graduating school. She purchased a brick and mortar in 2011 after years of providing professional health services. In 2014, she approached FINANTA for the business consultation and finance she needed to expand.

FINANTA connected Dr. Hill-Bennett to TMF and the Storefront Improvement project shortly after she began borrowing. She was granted $10,000 from the Merchants Fund to complete a Storefront Improvement project, which included fixing a repaired fence broken in crime. Logic EyeCare now provides services to hundreds of residents each year in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. They serve the neighborhood with a mission – 90% of their customers are below the federal poverty rate, and they work with them to provide the best vision care possible.


 Meet Silvia Paulino…

Joan Veratti, PollyOdd "We wanted to expand our business, and no bank would approve us for a loan. We went to FINANTA, and two weeks later FINANTA approved us for a loan. They were the only ones who would support our vision. I would tell any small business that needs a loan to go to FINANTA."

Silvia immigrated to the United States in 1983 and settled in NY where she opened a store to gain the funds to bring over her family. In 2002, she moved her reunited family to Philadelphia. She opened Silvia’s Bakery in 2003, sharing her Dominican pastries to the community and supporting her children. She approached FINANTA in 2014 to access capital and technical assistance services for her store.

FINANTA connected Silvia with opened 2016. She was approved for a $10,00 grant, which, alongside a loan from FINANTA, is assisting Silvia in purchasing her bakeries adjoining property to expand her store.

“I feel that with the economic empowerment and example of running my own business I have been able to give greater opportunity to my kids.”

Last night FINANTA celebrated 20 years of mission-driven nonprofit lending at the SugarHouse Casino Event Center.

The event brought together major players in the Philadelphia community development culture, including funders from banks, nonprofit leaders, and small business owners. FINANTA president Luis Mora and Board chair Jane Sobieski spoke of the importance of FINANTA’s work:  that of providing access to capital and technical assistance to the Philadelphia regions underserved entrepreneurs, consumers, homebuyers, and job makers.

The evening was an amazing testament to the Philadelphia community’s commitment to an inclusive economy. The support of our partners, friends, clients, and funders is an invaluable asset to FINANTA. Without them, our work would not be possible.

Over the past two decades FINANTA has served hundreds of individuals seeking to expand their business, purchase a home, or increase assets. To these deserving clients, over $47 Million has been lent and 40,000 hours of technical assistance provided. In return, our clients have created or retained over 1,500 jobs, revitalized business communities through the city, and enriched the cultural fabric of our city. 

FINANTA recognized major partners and exceptional clients at the event. Find the Awardees picture below:


PRECAPS group Los Cumplidos: Antonio, Augustina, Bienvenida, Julio, Miguel M., Miguel J., Yael


PRECAPS group Woodland African Unity: Almamy, Ben, Djiba, Fanta, Makemeh, Mariama, Sita


FINANTA Exceptional Clients: Carlos of Condor Limo Service, Miguel of ADCP, Patricia of NSCP, Santiago & Margarita of Lechonera Principe, Wilberto of La Primera Limo Service.


Friends of FINANTA: Fernando of Solutions International, Franklin of La Actualidad Informativa, Herman of The Welcoming Center, Jennifer of GPHCC, Jimmy of GPHCC, Lisa of SKCP, Marilyn of Cruz Realty, Natalie Jackson of the City of Philadelphia.


Partners of FINANTA: Julie of Santander Bank, Nelson of PNC Bank, Paige of TD Bank, Patricia of The Merchants Fund, Patrick of Wells Fargo Bank, Sharon of BB&T Bank, Stephanie of Wells Fargo Bank, Warren of Customers Bank

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