Welcome to the newly revamped www.finanta.org!

Our goal with the redesign was simple: create a website that better facilitates access to capital and technical assistance in the Philadelphia region. In this effort, we made addressing your particular need, whether it be capital or assistance, as accessible as possible.

Are you looking to Access Capital? Check out the PRODUCTS page

FINANTA provides business and consumer loans, residential mortgages, and micro-group lending to provide access to capital to the region’s job creators, community pillars, families, and entrepreneurs. Check out each product to find what form of capital best suits your needs. There is no credit minimum to borrow we take an in-depth and personalized view of your finances before determining a loan.


Are you looking for Technical Assistance? Check out the SERVICES page

In the services section of the website, youll find all those services we provide for our clients that boost financial literacy, stability, and self-sufficiency. Read about our one-on-one credit counseling that comes along each loan, or maybe homeownership counseling is more what you need. Either way, www.finanta.org/services is the place for you.


Follow the latest news and updates on our flagship BLOG. Well be posting client stories, exciting milestones, and well as informational resources for and from our partners and clients.

Our newly added resources page is your destination for quick financial guides and an interactive budget calculator.

Let us know what you think about the new website by commenting below, or emailing matinagranieri@gmail.com


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