We help every client achieve good credit by addressing their individual needs. We address credit issues for clients with credit history, and help those who need to establish credit to increase their score and lower their debt.

Our unique Credit Action Plan provides our clients with a definitive pathway to learn and implement consistent credit practices to obtain a high credit score and lower debt. Clients work one on one with Technical Assistance Officers to address any credit issues through the term of the loan. 







We aim to best serve our clients and help them succeed in business and life. Our Lenders and Technical Assistance Officers can help you identify opportunities for other assistance, such as public and private support programs. We can refer you to resources for personal and business insurance, eviction prevention, child care, and more.

Additionally, we are proud to have helped over 20 of our micro-enterprise and small business clients access over $200,000 in grants from our nonprofit partners at The Merchants Fund, a fund aimed at implementing better business practices and expansion in Philadelphia small businesses. 


marketing, BOOKKEEPING, & more

FINANTA provides entrepreneurial skill building workshops and one-on-one sessions to increase business capacity and expertise. We highlight Credit, Marketing, and Bookkeeping in our training. (See Credit above). We are continually adding entrepreneurial skill building and resources to our services, and partner with others to increase business tools for our customers. 

Effective Marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the small business entrepreneur’s arsenal. We provide free training in best marketing practices to clients. Bookkeeping in personal and business finance is a crucial element to overall financial well being. We help clients make sure their numbers reflect their financial potential, free of charge.




building capacity to purchase a home

We provide low to moderate-income prospective first time homebuyers with the financial resources and homeownership counseling necessary to successfully save for and purchase a home. Clients follow a set curriculum lasting up to 24 months, with instruction administered in both individual and group settings. Participants are also afforded access to a secured pre-purchase microloan, an important tool in building their credit and capital in parallel to home ownership training. The end goal is for graduates to secure pre-approval for mortgages.

incubator Space

fully furnished office space for your small business

The FINANTA Center provides fully-furnished office and cubicle space, with access to state of the art technology and other services, for lease at affordable and flexible terms. 

Built in a rehabilitated 7,000 square-foot warehouse in the heart of South Kensington only steps away from Fishtown, Northern Liberties, and the subway (City Hall in 8 minutes) the FINANTA Center is an excellent option to manage your business at a low cost and with relatively no leasing risk.

Stay tuned for our expansion at 2200 N 2nd Street.

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