Residential Mortgages

We target first-time homebuyers, providing one-on-one homeownership and credit counseling in preparation to buy a home.

One of our FINANTA lenders will work with you to determine the approach which best suits your needs, and the same lender will be with you from the initial meeting, through training, application, underwriting, home purchase, and thereafter as necessary.  Our goal is to help you build capacity to make accurate and informed decisions when applying to and buying your family home.  After all, this is a major, somewhat intimidating, and long-term decision for most of us, and should not be taken lightly.  We support you throughout the entire process!     




FINANTA made the home-buying process so much more manageable. Thank you FINANTA!”
– Bienvenida Jimenez


Having support through the process made purchasing my home possible. If I can do it, anyone can!”
Daphne Ramos


“When my local bank was unable to make a deal, FINANTA stepped up to the plate and provided me a loan.”

– Basma Awawdeh


Benefits of FINANTA mortgages:

Free Homeownership & Credit Counseling
Including personal and family budgeting and financial analysis.

No Minimum Credit Score Required
Your lender will work with you to figure out a path towards home ownership.

Transparent Terms, Low Fees, And Fixed Interest Rates
For the life of the mortgage.

Low Down Payments And No Prepayment Penalty Fees
Up to $417,000.


Keystone PHFA Loan – up to $417,000

– FINANTA is a participating lender for the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s Keystone Home Loan program. 


FINANTA First Mortgage – up to $160,000

– The First Mortgage targets first-time homebuyers.