Since 1996, FINANTA has distinguished itself among the region’s nonprofit lenders by facilitating basic access to capital and client-centered consultation services.














Why It’s Important

In the United States, 20% of households are financially underserved, and 7% are not served at all by the mainstream financial system.  That is more than 26 million households and families excluded from traditional banking.

In the Philadelphia region, this problem is exacerbated by a poverty rate that is higher than the national average at 25%. This rate is even greater among minorities, immigrants, and women.  Without access to capital, these populations are susceptible to predatory loans to obtain the capital they need for buying a home, running a business, or purchasing essential goods. 

FINANTA believes in the importance of uplifting and financially building underserved entrepreneurs, homebuyers, and consumers.

FINANTA lenders are trained to meet the cultural, social, and language needs many clients have, allowing for effectively administer financial services to unbanked and underbanked populations. Because of this uniquely attentive and hands-on approach to financial counseling, FINANTA has a low 3% default rate and an average 1.1% loan loss, lower than the traditional banking industry average. FINANTA’s programs are designed to strengthen borrowers’ credit and financial capability, giving them the resources they need to receive additional loans from FINANTA or mainstream banking services. 

FINANTA’s Impact


$59 MILLION Lent

2,060+ loans to entrepreneurs, first-time homebuyers, and consumers establishing credit. 




in mortgages to 347 deserving families buying a home for the first-time.




1,140+ microloans, 124+ borrowing cycles, 78+ groups.



4,278 JOBS

created/retained through our work.


91,000+ HRS

of client-centered technical assistance and credit building.


11 COUNTIES in 3 States

served with lending and technical assistance.


FINANTA’s Clients

69% Immigrant

I was amazed by their product. They really reach out into the community and help people become self-sufficient. They pick people up and coach them until they are financially literate.

– Elhadji Ndiaye, Owner of Radio XALAAT, Immigrant from Senegal

 95% Minority

“FINANTA has been there for us 100%. Our lender has been so helpful, and the technical assistance has been essential every step of the way.”

-Santiago & Margarita Principe, Owners of Lechonera Principe, Puerto Rican restaurant

47% Women

“When other banks turned us away, [FINANTA] were the only ones who would support our vision.”

– Joan Verratti, Owner of PollyOdd Fine Liquors, and first female distiller in the united states.