On November 10th, FINANTA is honoring our partners The Merchants Fund for their dedication to providing deserving small business owner’s financial grants in Philadelphia. FINANTA has collaborated with TMF to approve 26 clients for grants, totaling more than $246,000.

FINANTA is able to help non-English speaking and writing entrepreneurs and other small business clients access the grants TMF provides. TMF works with FINANTA lenders to get a full picture of potential grantees businesses. Because of this collaboration, more than 60% of FINANTA applications have been approved for a grant since 2014! 



Meet Dr. Hill-Bennett: 


“Running my own office was something I knew I wanted to do as soon as I set foot in optometry school. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Dr. Hill-bennet started as a mobile care optometrist after graduating school. She purchased a brick and mortar in 2011 after years of providing professional health services. In 2014, she approached FINANTA for the business consultation and finance she needed to expand.

FINANTA connected Dr. Hill-Bennett to TMF and the Storefront Improvement project shortly after she began borrowing. She was granted $10,000 from the Merchants Fund to complete a Storefront Improvement project, which included fixing a repaired fence broken in crime. Logic EyeCare now provides services to hundreds of residents each year in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. They serve the neighborhood with a mission – 90% of their customers are below the federal poverty rate, and they work with them to provide the best vision care possible.


 Meet Silvia Paulino…

Joan Veratti, PollyOdd "We wanted to expand our business, and no bank would approve us for a loan. We went to FINANTA, and two weeks later FINANTA approved us for a loan. They were the only ones who would support our vision. I would tell any small business that needs a loan to go to FINANTA."

Silvia immigrated to the United States in 1983 and settled in NY where she opened a store to gain the funds to bring over her family. In 2002, she moved her reunited family to Philadelphia. She opened Silvia’s Bakery in 2003, sharing her Dominican pastries to the community and supporting her children. She approached FINANTA in 2014 to access capital and technical assistance services for her store.

FINANTA connected Silvia with opened 2016. She was approved for a $10,00 grant, which, alongside a loan from FINANTA, is assisting Silvia in purchasing her bakeries adjoining property to expand her store.

“I feel that with the economic empowerment and example of running my own business I have been able to give greater opportunity to my kids.”