Affinity Group Lending

FINANTA’s Affinity Group Lending Program offers microloans and credit building services to groups of borrowers, and is tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs or consumers.

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FINANTA offers an Affinity Group Lending Program for entrepreneurs, consumers, and homebuyers to build their financial capacity, bankability, and creditworthiness through financial education and coaching, technical assistance, and access to capital.

This innovative program is modeled after a traditional practice known globally as Tandas, Tontin, Roscas, and Susus, that brings community members together to create and rotate pools of money. FINANTA formalizes this practice by using its loan capital and reporting payments to credit bureaus.

“I was amazed by their product. They really reach out into the community and help people become self-sufficient. They pick people up and coach them until they are financially literate.”

Elhadji Ndiaye


How It Works

1. Form an Affinity Group
2. Build a Credit Action Plan
3. Receive a Loan
4. Build Financial Skills
5. Complete Loan Repayment
6. Additional Cycles and Larger Loans

Program Benefits

$1,200 to $25,000 Credit Building Loans
Infuse your business with capital, build credit to buy a home, or purchase essential goods.

No Minimum Credit Score Required
FINANTA can help you establish credit if you do not already have any, and improve credit in need of repair.

Financial Capacity Building
Borrow more each loan cycle as you increase your credit score and improve your financial skills.

Financial Skill Building Workshops
Learn the basics of business, personal, or homebuyer finance and credit building from certified experts.

Networking & Referalls
Network with peers and get referred to additional helpful resources.

Program Impact

97% Minority

Like the Philadelphia region it serves, FINANTA’s borrowers are diverse.

50% Women

FINANTA is proud to support women business owners in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

52 Groups

Affinity groups come from all over the Philadelphia region and members are primarily immigrants.

100+ Borrowing Cycles

Since 2011, affinity groups have borrowed in over 100 cycles at FINANTA.

800+ Microloans

FINANTA has provided 800 microloans to affinity group borrowers.

$4.4 Million Invested

FINANTA has invested $4.4 million in affinity groups for entrepreneurs, consumers, and first-time homebuyers.

Affinity Group Lending Team

Kersy Azocar

Vice President of MicroLending

Kersy directs the implementation, coordination, and delivery of Affinity Group Lending for entrepreneurs, consumers, and homebuyers. She speaks Spanish and English.

Carolin Jimenez

Assistant Vice President of Microlending

Carolin implements FINANTA’s Affinity Group Lending Program and helps entrepreneurs, consumers, and homebuyers to build credit and borrow successfully. She speaks Spanish and English.

Roxanna Encarnacion

Assistant Vice President of Microlending

Roxanna provides Affinity Group Lending clients with the skills, knowledge, and capital necessary to help them meet their financial goals. She is a bilingual Spanish and English speaker.

Page Huey

Microlending Officer

Page implements FINANTA’s Affinity Group Lending Program and helps to develop the program’s client base by providing hands-on, individualized technical assistance and training to entrepreneurs, consumers, and homebuyers.